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CAGrads (Undergrad Students)

Young adults require support, guidance and expert advice to make thr right decision about the career, skill enhancement and get ready for an independent life ahead

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Career Advice and Counseling

Our mentors with years of experience and expertise in their fields will guide you on the career choices of your interest.

 List of offerings 

  1. Engineering

  2. Life Science research

  3. Medicine

  4. Finance, and more



Communication is one of the most important soft skills that is essential for success in personal, social and professional life.

 List of offerings 

Public Speaking, debating, digital journalism

Job-Readiness -support.png

Job Readiness Support

A comprehensive support for the young adult to help transition from academic to professional life: involving counseling, job search techniques, mock interviews,  resume and cover letter writing guidance.

 List of offerings 

  1. Job search techniques

  2. Guidance on resume and cover letter writing

  3. Building a professional online presence

  4. Networking- online and in person

  5. Increasing visibility

  6. Interview preparation

Shared Office
 "Really enjoyed learning more about how finance is involved in everyday living. Thanks to Counsel Academy for offering this class. Would look forward to the detailed courses!"

Camille H., Undergrad student, PA

Graduating Students
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