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Counsel Academy

Awareness + Skills + Enrichment + Versatility = Complete Education

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Counsel Kids
(Age 8 - 12 years)

Support for the child to gain hard skills along with soft skills like creativity, communication, and awareness,  providing them with a complete education.

Our Services

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Counsel Teens
(Age 13 -17 years)

Support for the adolescent to gain hard skills along with awareness about their changing self, enrichment, preparation for higher studies, and confidence building as they transition into adulthood.

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Counsel Grads
(18+ years)

Young adults require support, guidance and expert advice to make the right decision about career, skill enhancement, and getting ready for an independent

life ahead.


Counsel Seniors

Support for the seniors to develop awareness about health, fitness, technology and keeping themselves entertained


Counsel Support

Customized educational support, job support and enrichment programs only for the underprivileged and minority sections.


Counsel Comfort

Educational support, enrichment and awarness programs for sick and hospitalized children you cannot attend school in person



Why Counsel Academy ?