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CAKids (Grades 3-5)

Support for the child to develop creativity, personality, communication and confidence to reach their highest potential as adults.

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S.T.E.M (classes and courses)

Early start to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, including programming gives students a head start to their future education.

 List of offerings 

  1. Classes for support: Science, Math

  2. Competitive Math: MathKangaroo, MathCounts


Arts and Communication Classes

 List of offerings 

  1. Creative writing 

  2. Art

  3. ESL (English as second language)

  4. Public Speaking and debates


Art and communication courses

Communication is one of the most important soft skills that is essential for success in personal, social and professional life.


 List of offerings 

  1. Writing Novel/ Novella/Novelette 

  2. Digital Journalism 

  3. Graphic design 

Preschool Science Class
"The kids were introduced to a lot of topics from addiction, art, public speaking to immunology. The instructors were excellent in making it fun for the kids, encouraging and motivating. We will definitely be coming back"

Leela S., CT (mom of a high schooler and 2 middle schoolers)

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