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Counsel Seniors (65+ years)

Support for the seniors to develop awareness about health, fitness, technology and keeping themselves entertained

Designed for enrichment



Learning a new language is extremely beneficial for brain health not only at young age, but also keeps the brain active in seniors as well.

 List of offerings 

Spanish, ESL (English as second language), French, Arabic, Hindi



Fitness sessions that provide enough exercise but with added fun!

 List of offerings 

Zumba, Yoga, Fitness Dance


Creative skills

Classes that evoke creative thinking, building, narrating and imagination.

 List of offerings 

Art and Craft, Creative writing, Course in writing Novelette/Novel writing (4 weeks), Novelette / Novel writing (12 weeks)



Classes for seniors that include basic safety and first aid as well as cybersafety


Social media 

Classes that educate our seniors about proper and safe use of social media for engagement

 List of offerings 

Proper and safe use of social media for engagement, communication, Public speaking and debate- Package,Stand Up & monoacting-Per session


Online transactions and e-commerce

Classes for seniors that provide step by step guidance on online shopping, banking and use of financial apps safely

 List of offerings 

Online shopping, online banking, e-commerce, cybercrime and cybersecurity


Health and wellness

Health sessions providing knowledge about how to slow aging and increase healthspan

 List of offerings 

Physiological Causes of aging, slowing aging, healthy habits, preventive measures, healthspan, nutrition

Outdoor Reading
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